Fifthub was born from a real and personal necessity to create many small virtual hubs all in one larger hub in order to find professionals willing and capable of experimenting to develop unique ideas and projects.

Other Social professionals exist but on fifthub you will find many (but above all only) professionals that intend to dedicate part of their time, in parallel to their own work, to be an active part of a project. Probably your fifthub will begin without a gain, but possibly it will create the base for something extraordinary and unique that could one day transform itself into a winning business.

And what if your fifthub doesn’t become any of the things mentioned above?

You will nonetheless have been part of a fantastic experience and, mostly, have interacted and met many people, surely setting up relational contacts for your current profession.
Fifthub is also a means of giving value to your personal brand because lots of people will be able to see and appreciate your professionalism and competence.

Have a look here how companies can be involved.